ARCHIVED PAGE – Testimonials

What Our Guests Say

Everything at Touchstone is top drawer. It is heartening and inspiring to see a group of people achieving such quiet excellence, neither arrogant nor boastful. Moreover, everyone is family at Touchstone, no small achievement in our disconnected world. You’ll be seeing me again.
(CALGARY, Alberta)

It has been such a pleasure being here with all our old friends. My first ride in 29 years was great, great horse, and I can walk! We have enjoyed your hospitality so much. Harry made our stay extra special. Thanks so much for everything.
(Lethbridge, Alberta)

It was very interesting for us (parents), to see where our son has had a very good time. We saw how hard the work was and how very friendly you all were. Many many thanks for all you did for us and to let us take part in your family life. We would love to see you again here or in Germany.

So good to be here and to share the beauty of the land. Loved the mealtimes, and our visits – woven fences, outside oven – does connect us with the earth.
PS. You are all welcome to come share the beauty of the coast.
PPS. Thanks so much for your hospitality…and I think Harry is a very smart dog!!!
I had a few wonderful days at Touchstone and I thank everyone for their loving welcome. The time here was too short. Thank you for everything.


Thanks for the wonderful time that I’ve had. I’m very glad that my friends suggested that I come. Great food, great atmosphere and great people.


We really enjoyed seeing you as always. The food was delicious and nutritious and the company was warm and stimulating. The timing was great for me, I always feel better after our stays here.

Great to be here in winter again fulfilling my 10th anniversary of coming to Touchstone. Thanks for everything.

Group Visit

It feels like coming home to be back here again. Your hospitality is as wonderful as ever. I’ve really enjoyed this warm, nurturing escape. I’m so pleased to have met you a few years ago and am grateful to know that the door is open to return to your wonderful hearth and home. Thank you for all of it. Thank you for a heartfelt welcome.

What our Students Say

Once again I’m sad to leave this utterly magical place full of wonderful people, horses and experiences. Were I to write out all my feelings, you would need a new guest book! Thank you again for making your home mine as well and becoming my second family. Good luck in the coming year. Sorry I didn’t bring rain. My love always.

Thank you so much for everything! It has been a great experience…I learned so many new things in the last 7 weeks. I will definitely keep in touch and will hopefully see you again next year.

I’d like to say thanks for a great summer and the best 3 months in my life. I’ll miss you all! But I’m going to come back anyway. So I can say: See you all!

Thanks for the great summer. I really enjoyed my time here and learned so much. I will never forget Touchstone and all of the nice people here. Everyone here made me feel so welcome.

What Our Horse Buyers Say

Thank you for an active and fun filled few days. I particularly enjoyed the horse round-up. Looking forward to having more Touchstone horses in our barn.

Another wonderful weekend. Great horses, wonderful food, entertaining company!

Breeder of Canadian Warmblood Sport Horses